Sharletta Green is a native of Charleston, West Virginia. A graduate of West Virginia State College, Marshall University and Candler School of Theology, Emory University. She is an educator as well as a pastor. She is a contributing author in the Africana Worship Resource Year C published by Discipleship Resources at the General Board of Discipleship. She is a writer and continues to write for the General Board of Discipleship worship website. She loves God and sharing the message of hope and love found in the salvation story.
    She enjoys reading, writing, playing basketball and spending time with family and friends. "Family is really important to me. I am the oldest in my sibling set and I value extended family connections. My circle of friends from seminary, are my sisters in the faith and I am truly blessed to have a group of praying women to walk this journey with me."
    Motto in life: Live life to the fullest, enjoy each day as if it were your last. Serve God with all of your being, love as God loves and treat others with the same respect you expect in return. Work hard and play hard. In all things honor that which God honors and hold family and friends close for they are the ones who will be honest with you even if it hurts.
    I have been blessed to be a blessing to others. I pray that the ministry God has brought me here to do will draw each of you closer to God and closer to one another, that you as a community of faith will become the change you desire to see in your town and in the surrounding area. We are not perfect. We are a people striving for perfection. We must be willing to learn from one another; learn from our mistakes and aid one another on this journey of faith. May God open our eyes to see, our hearts to love, our ears to hear God's direction, our minds to learn what will lead us down paths of righteousness together. Remember, falling and not reaching the mark are part of life none of us can escape- it is our response to those things in life that set us apart. If you fall get up and try again. We serve a God of a second, third, fourth... chance. If you do not meet the mark, do not give up, revisit what has taken place- assess the situation, seek godly council and strive again even if you have to change the goal. There are no failures in Christ. We have been saved by grace and walk by faith. Trust God and know that God has not brought any of us this far to leave us.

    My hope and prayer for all who come to worship, work and play here:

        May God bless you in the ways God sees fit. May God provide reproof and correction as you need, may you be surrounded with love and know that God holds you in the palm of God's hand and may you get a glimpse of your true identity in Christ each day as a reminder of who you are and who you belong to. In Jesus name, Amen