Discovering Your Purpose

Will provide a process that will help find out what gifts  we have been given and how we can serve God the way he has designed us to accomplish His will.  This is what we  call Network.  It will start September 9th and be facilitated by Pastor Melissa.  This group is offered two times a year.


Essentials of Christianity

Will provide information about essential Christianity that people need to know to continue to develop their own spiritual growth.  It will start the week of October 7th and will be facilitated by Don Shenefiel.  The study is offered two times a year,


Core Principles of Methodism

Will provide principles that are non-negotiable that must be attained by all individuals if they are to become totally committed followers of Christ.  It will start the week of October 7th and will be facilitated  by Neill Marshall.  This study is offered two times a year.


Basic Spiritual Disciplines

Will provide information about creating time and space for God, prayer, self examination and establishing those rhythms of time devoted to God.  It will start the week of October 7th and be facilitated by Steve Fox.  This study is offered two times a year.


Brown Bag

Meets on Tuesday at Noon in the Library. They will be studying Minor Prophets of the Bible.  This study will begin January 22nd and this group is facilitated by Jim Wobig.


Walking with God

This small group  meets on Wednesdays at 12:30 pm.  They will start this session with a book study entitled “Forgotten God” which focuses on  the Holy Spirit.  Anyone interested in the Small Group experience is welcome to join us.  This group is led by Don Shenefiel.


Sunday Night Small Group

The group is currently doing a Short Disciple Study of the Gospel of John. 

This small group meets on Sunday evenings at 5 pm and is led by Linda Glover.


No Man Left Behind

There are no "Five Easy Steps to an Effective Men's Ministry." There aren't even five hard steps.  It just doesn't work that way.  We explain "why" and "how" to disciple men, but we don't specify exactly what you should do.  Instead, we will help you plan your own concrete next steps according to the culture and needs of your church.
This group will be facilitated by Charlie Clements, Bob Brown, Don Shenefiel, and Steve Fox.


Sermon Series

The group meets on each Monday at 1 and 6 PM and they discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday.  This group is led by Pastor Melissa.